Sunday, January 8, 2012

So Much Going on in Our House!

One thing Matt and I tend to have in common is some serious procrastination when it comes to projects around the house.  We have been on break for two weeks already, and yet all our house projects we planned to tackle are just now getting started.  After seeing our accent walls and our white furniture against the goldy beige color of the walls when we moved in, we (meaning me) decided the walls needed to be painted white.  That's a lot of walls.  And ceilings.  In every room.  Also, I knew before we even put in an offer in on the house that we would be painting the kitchen cabinets.  Which means sanding said cabinets before painting can even begin.  The past two days have been full of hard work.  Obviously we are not even close to being finished yet and here is what my house looks like now.

The good news is that the living room is mostly done.  Right now it's just holding furniture from other rooms in the house that are still being worked on.  However, the white paint has made a HUGE difference in the overall light and brightness of the rooms.  Such an improvement.  We should hopefully be finishing up the dining room and kitchen over the next couple of days.  I can't wait to get my house back!

Oh, and the really good (I think) news?  Due to our extremely messy painting techniques, the hubs has finally agreed to our summer project---refinishing the floors!

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  1. White walls...hmmmm, what a lovely choice! I'm really loving how bright and clean the walls look. Sorry you are buried right now in work, but just think of it as progress on your soon-to-be beautiful home :)

    Have a good day!