Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Took a Sick Day Monday Pinterest Tuesday!

Our internet is not hooked up at home yet so I couldn't post my Pinterest picks of the week yesterday, but I didn't want to leave you hanging, so they are here today!

Had a great, busy weekend this weekend, including a wedding at the Rococo Room in Pasadena, so I didn't get too much work done on the house, but things are slowly starting to come together.  I didn't realize how different it would be moving into a house rather than a rental.  Typically I am one of those people who moves in and is unpacked within two days.  In a rental, you can't change much so you just make do with what you have.  But since this is OUR house, we can change whatever we want, and that has made the unpacking difficult!  I don't want to get things all unpacked in the kitchen if I am just going to go back and paint the cabinets, and I don't want to unpack my office until my new wall shelves are installed.  You get the idea.  Slowly but surely, that's the plan!

Alright, alright, here's the pins! (Note, all pics are now going to be linked to their original website if I have access to it :o).)

This is my new goal for my bar area at home!

Maybe someday :o)

These are premade cocktails stored in Mason jars.  Genius!

How perfect for New Year's!  Totally doing it!

Have a great week, see you soon!

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