Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Heart Pinterest!

If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, you must.  Immediately.  Like as soon as you are done reading and commenting on this post.  You can even click the cute little button over to your right and follow me on Pinterest.  It's amazing.  Like seeing a little blue box under the Christmas tree amazing.  If you haven't heard, Pinterest is a website that allows you to mark pictures of things on the web that you love.  You install a little button on your browser toolbar and while you are spending your "working" hours checking out super awesome blogs (like this one hopefully) you can "pin" things you like.  You can also follow your friends, designers, or other websites/bloggers and then you can "repin" anything they've pinned that you like.  Seriously, it sounds a little confusing, but once you get going it is super easy to use and totally. addicting.

Here's one of the many reasons why I love Pinterest.  Right now I am helping two lovely teacher friends in their wedding planning endeavors.  When I find pictures I think they might like, like these...

I can pin them, tag the girls and they can see my ideas for them!  This is just one of the many awesome things you can do with Pinterest.  Check it out and let me know if you need an invite!


  1. I just followed you! =D

  2. Is there a stronger word than love we could use when referring to Pinterest? Seriously.

  3. Fellow Pinterest addict here. Awesome!!

    Have a great weekend!