Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting to Dream...

So the hubby and I have officially started our house hunt.  Originally we just assumed that to find something we both really liked in the location we wanted and for a price we could afford it would take months and months and months, but lo and behold we may have already found a winner!  Now buying a house is like buying a wedding dress, you don't buy the first one you try on no matter how much you love it.  So we are still checking out some other properties, but it seems as though we may have found THE dress.

Because we may have found the ONE (which, by the way, this whole experience has been much like our relationship:  I knew this was a perfect house almost immediately whereas Matt is taking some time to process it all) I have been decorating my new office in my head.  And thanks to my good friend Pinterest, I am not lacking in ideas.  Here are some of my fave small office pics. 
Did we notice a theme here?  Apparently I like black and white with a dose of bright color.  I will keep you posted on home buying action and post some projects later this week!

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