Friday, October 14, 2011

A Gorgeous Barn Wedding

Now, I am not that kind of girl that typically enjoys barns.  Barns are dirty and smelly and there are probably some live animals living in there.  Well, the barn at Camarillo Ranch House is totally un-barn like is those yucky aspects and totally barn like in it's charm.  My darling friend Brianna was married there last week (you already saw the rocking video clip of Matt and the Matchmakers!).  Brianna is very much like me in that she did everything for her wedding herself.  This girl made literally HUNDREDS of paper flowers.  What I loved so much about her wedding was the love and care she put into all the details.  This was 100% Mike and Brianna's wedding, and to me, that means it was a success!  Here are some of her beautiful details:

And yes, she totally served breakfast for dinner and it was amazing!  Some of the best wedding food I have ever had!  Congrats Mike and Brianna, love you guys and hope you had a wonderful day!

Photos courtesy of Katie Kibbee.


  1. Ooooh, I love that barn! The details are beautiful...those paper flowers are gorgeous. Looks like a very special wedding.

  2. The pictures turned out so beautiful!!!! Also, thank you for helping out, you saved our lives!