Thursday, October 20, 2011

Headed to Beantown!

Guess what, kids?  I'm on my way out of town!  I'm hopping on a red-eye tonight and heading to the East Coast for the first time.  I am coordinating a wedding there on Saturday and I am super excited!  The wedding should be awesome, and I get to spend some time exploring and seeing the sights.  I can't wait to experience a real autumn day for the first time!

Also, we should be closing on our house either tomorrow or Monday, which means by the time I come home, I will be a home owner!  So excited to get into the house and start decorating!

I gotta admit, I am feeling the exhaustion of a busy week (really a busy month) setting in, but I can't complain too much since so many amazing things have happened lately.  One of which is my new wedding coordinating website, please check it out, and have an awesome weekend!

Pink Cupcake Weddings


  1. Hope you have an awesome time! I'm sure the wedding will be fun and the city has many adventures! Safe travels!!

  2. Let me know when you guys actually move in, I'm totally down to help!! :)