Saturday, December 17, 2011

Easy Christmas Cookie Gift Bags

So today I got to go to a cookie exchange party hosted by my sister.  If you have never been to one of these parties before, they are pretty awesome.  I baked about four dozen cookies (I will post about those later next week!) for the party, six for each of the guests and a few extra to munch on at the party.  When I left the party, I had six bags of six new and different kinds of cookies!  Pretty sweet deal.  I wanted a cute and easy way to bag these cookies, so I turned to what I had around the house already.  I took some brown lunch bags and the chalkboard self-adhesive paper I've been using for gift tags.  I punched out a large circle for each bag and placed it in the middle.

I wrote each girls' name on the circle, placed the cookies inside (looking back, I should have wrapped them up--they left some grease circles on the bag), folded the top of the bag over, and punched two holes in the top.

Sticking with my black, white and green theme, I threaded a green ribbon through one of the holes, then attached a copy of the cookie recipe to the back, threaded the ribbon through the other side and tied a bow on the front of the bag.

This was so easy, I am totally going to do this for the office staff at school!  I love when I can use items around the house and create something cute!

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