Friday, December 9, 2011

Pretty Present Wrapping

One thing I know for sure I will be doing this Christmas is wrapping presents, no way around that one.  For the wedding, I bought a big thing of these little letters and numbers to make signs like this one:

Now I have a whole bunch of them left and I figured I should find a way to use them, so I decided to incorporate them into my Christmas wrapping.  My friend Lisa's birthday is tomorrow so I practiced  with her birthday present.  I wrapped it as usual and wrapped a plain ribbon around it.

Then I painted the letters.

Then I used super glue to attach the letters to the ribbon (I took this pic right after I glued so the glue is still showing a bit).

Not perfect, but a good practice round!  I am going to try again on my secret Santa gift, but I can't post that one until after the party so I don't ruin the secret!  Can't wait to come up with some more fun wrapping ideas!

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