Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spotlight on Ericka G Photography!

First off, it is officially Winter Break!  Woohoo!  So excited to be able to focus on the house and get some serious crafting done.  Today, I am going to share one of my favorite wedding vendors with you.  Ericka G is a brilliant photographer who is not only uber talented, but is also super fun to work with.  I shared one of her gorgeous weddings with you on my old blog (you can see that post here).  The reason I wanted to spotlight her today is because it can be hard to find wedding vendors who are reasonably priced, do a good job, and are fun to work with.  If you are in need of a photographer for any occasion, you should definitely check her out!  Here is some of her work...

These are all shots from the wedding we worked on together at Marvimon House.

Ericka describes her style as "simple, timeless, fun. I shoot real life, not make believe situations. I want my clients to look at their photos in twenty years and not think they were trendy or “so 2011”. I love shooting natural light and candid. Capturing those moments that, when you look at your photos, take you back to that exact day in time."  The picture above is one of my favorites, I love the way it mixes the beauty of the wedding couple with the graffitied brick wall.  Such a cool and unique picture.

Ericka also loves shooting family portraits.  She says, "I obviously love shooting weddings, but other than that I really love shooting newborns. There is something about being able to capture a human life’s first photos that is so special. Especially first time parents. It’s just a really amazing time in the life of a family, and I get to share in it."  Here are some of her family shots.

So cute!  While we all love a good family photo, we know that wedding pictures are some of the most important pictures you will ever take.  I asked Ericka for some insider's tips on how to get the best wedding pictures.  She advises to " be aware of what time your wedding photos will be at. Do you really like the how your photographer uses natural light? If so, make sure your ceremony is early enough to make time for them afterwards when the sun is still high in the sky. Also, work with your photographer. Give them enough time to get the shots you really want. They don’t just appear out of thin air!"  Ericka definitely uses natural light beautifully.  Here are some more wedding shots.

So breathtaking!  I really think that you cannot underestimate the importance of your wedding pictures.  At the end of the day when you leave your reception, you will have your husband (or wife!), your rings and your wedding pictures.  Trust me, as someone who WISHES she had invested a little more into her pictures, you can't go wrong with someone as amazing as Ericka!

Note: I was in no way, shape or form compensated for this post, I just really love Ericka's work!

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  1. So so gorgeous! Wow...what a great photographer. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

    ...and you're breaking my heart with that last too..but you have some lovely photos as well.