Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Pretty Present Wrapping!

We had our secret Santa party tonight so I can show you some of the wrappings I came up with for our gifts.  I picked out our Christmas colors, black, white and apple green, after seeing some super cute pics on Pinterest using that color scheme.  One of the first things I thought of doing was using chalkboards.  I found this chalkboard sticky paper at Michael's.

It's perfect for gift tags because it is adhesive on one side.  I decided for this gift that I wanted it to be a hanging tag so I punched out a square, put a hole in it and wrote the name in chalk.

Super cute and easy, and not too girly for Matt's secret Santa pal.  My secret Santa recipient is (much like myself) a fan of bling so I made her name sign green and sparkly.  I painted wooden letters and covered them with green glitter.

Then just like I did for Lisa's birthday present, I wrapped a ribbon around the wrapped present and super glued the letters to the ribbon.

Love the color combo and the sparkly letters.  Can't wait to see all of our presents wrapped under the tree together!


  1. Wow, love this idea! I so look forward to your blog every day....can't wait to see what clever ideas you come up with! Well done :)

  2. I have never seen that chalkboard paper, I have to find that! Nice work!

  3. great ideas!! thanks for sharing!! i'm a hair stylist and just started a hair blog come check it out!