Saturday, December 3, 2011

Entertainment Center!

So this is one of the first weekends I have been able to really devote a good chunk of time to getting stuff done around the house.  It has been so nice to get some of the junk cleared out!  This project actually wasn't planned.  I came up with this idea because I could not handle the mess below.

I love the two Expedit bookcases we got from Ikea on Thanksgiving weekend (only $20 each!).  They are the perfect size to hold our TV, but there is no backing, so the black wires were extremely visible.  And even after just a half an hour of watching TV, they were driving me crazy.  So I took some of my fave new fabric (from and literally TAPED it to the back of the bookcases.  And voila!

Not only does the fabric hide the ugly wires, but it adds some flavor to an otherwise ordinary piece.  Here it is with some more stuff added in.

I'm in love with it and it was SO easy.  Seriously.  Awesome entertainment unit that is personal and was way cheap and simple. 

Be back soon with some more of my weekend projects!


  1. Wow...that looks awesome! I love the Expedit great looking and I can't believe the price. What a great idea to put the fabric behind to cover the wires. I wouldn't have been able to stand all those wires either...great idea. I'm going to check out that fabric your choice. It looks fantastic!!!

  2. What a huge difference it makes! I too have the expedit, only one, but want more! Ikea is one of my favorite stores, just wish it was closer.

    The fabric looks so good. Merry Christmas!